A first trip on a the back of a motorcycle in 1976 to "lunch" (4 hours and 200 miles RT later) and a honeymoon a year later made me realize that riding on the back can be boring. In '79 my husband taught me how to ride a Sears Puch Allstate on the family farm road. "if you get scared , put your feet down and stand up". As a member of the Bluegrass Beemers I was exposed to all aspects of BMW. The first Beemer was a R75/6 with better brakes. A trip to Europe on a Katana 750 made me want more get up and go so that became the R100R. I didn't REALLY know how to ride til '89 when I got close enough to an MSF class after riding about 9-10 yrs. After several BMW's and a couple Guzzi I keep coming back to BMW. Being inseam challenged, R bikes fit me best. The MSF instructor course and teaching/coaching for 12 years was the best thing I ever did for my own riding skills. The Pridmore CLASS at Road Atlanta x2 and Keith Code at the race course in Oxford polished them. I have no idea how many miles I may have accumulated since '79 on 11 bikes owned, one must always have a spare. How many states ridden, no clue, mostly east of the Mississippi etc. I don't find that important. Being chased by a buffalo is no fun, ask me about that sometime. I do have a bucket list but that will have to wait til I retire from my 42 yr nursing career.