The Treasurer shall be responsible for the finances of the club, receiving and dispersing all monies and keeping account of all receipts and expenditures. The Treasurer shall reconcile all monthly bank statements and keep all books and records in an orderly fashion. The Treasurer shall provide a monthly accounting to the President prior to the monthly meeting and at any other time by request of the President, or any club member in good standing. The Treasurer shall be the main signer on all club accounts and shall be responsible to the President individually and the Executive Officers as a whole. The Treasurer shall prepare all financial records and documentation needed, in a timely fashion, to be given to the "outside" accountant/tax preparer for the annual tax return to be completed. The Treasurer shall be responsible for receiving any pre-registrations and payments for such, for the annual rally, and keep that list until such time as the rally is in progress and those pre-registrants arrive. The Treasurer shall keep separate books on the annual rally with detailed accounting of all monies received and receipts and accounting for all monies dispersed. The Treasurer shall provide the President with a detailed financial report on the rally in the month after the rally is held. The Treasurer is to keep the historical records on membership and all club assets (i.e. trailer, smokers, commercial cooking equipment, etc) and be able to provide those records as needed. The Treasurer shall be accountable to the President individually, the Executive officers as a whole, and the general population of the members in good standing, in that order.