The Travel Director is responsible for coming up with ideas for rides to and/or from the meetings, off meeting weekend or day rides when possible, and for maintaining the ABEES program. Using input from other members, or their own ideas, a new "Ride Challenge" should be devised for each year and the details should be completed in time for presentation to the membership at the January meeting. The Travel Director should either lead all rides or appoint ride leaders (may be volunteers) to conduct the rides that are put together and scheduled. The Travel Director should be responsible for getting a prize donated for the ride challenges if possible, or discuss with the President the financial possibility of the club purchasing any such prize, and shall also discuss with the President the costs of any awards other than certificates, for any ride challenge within the ABEES program. The Travel Director should write an article for the newsletter any month that there is a significantly interesting ride that has already been conducted. The Travel Director should always publish upcoming ride opportunities and promote the ABBES program to the general membership.