The President shall preside over all business and executive meetings of the club and have general supervision of the affairs of the club. The President shall maintain a current roster of all members in good standing. Responsibilities shall also include, appointing any person or committee as needed to handle the organization of activities or meetings and to oversee such person or committee for the duration. The President shall promote interest in the club by each current member and by others in hopes of gaining them as members. The President shall personally represent the club in all business dealings and contracts for the club and promote interest in the club and lead by example. The President shall vote only when one vote is required to break a tie. The President shall be the second signer on all accounts, and shall be accountable to the Executive officers as a whole and to the Vice-President individually for his/her actions and decisions. The President shall discuss with the Treasurer the impact on finances before any purchase exceeding $100 dollars. The President is responsible for the smooth and coherent operation of the BMW Motorcycle Owners of Alabama.